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The Super Amino

1 Aug 2017


There is a lot of talk in the supplement industry about the best amino's for this and that and most of what is out there should be taken with a grain of salt. Even more claims are made about the miraculous powers of such amino's hidden within 'proprietary blends' of unscrupulous supplement companies.

So what is THE most important amino?? Simple...L-Glutamine. This amino acid is so crucial to the human body that it can actually synthesize it from other amino acids when necessary. 


L-Glutamine is classified as a non-essential amino acid because we can synthesize our own when levels get low which I think is why some people seem to think that it isn't as important as other amino's. I see this amazing amino in a very different light. Put simply, L-Glutamine is so important to our body that it is not willing to leave it up to us to make sure it has a constant supply from our diet. So I would say this amino acid is HYPER essential. 

Let's talk about what roles L-Glutamine play in the body. Firtsly, it makes up over 62% of skeletal muscle, that's right, 60 freaken percent! Even everyone's favourite bcaa's (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) only make up around 30%.This means that the other 17 amino's found in protein make up the other 8%. Now you are starting to understand the importance of L-Glutamine for lean muscle growth and repair.


Secondly, L-Glutamine is often referred to as the immune amino. This is because L-Glutamine plays a major role in immune function and individuals who suffer from immune problems chronic or otherwise usually show very low levels of this incredible amino acid. Many athletes tend to suffer from low immune function due to low L-Glutamine levels caused by large training loads on muscle tissue which soaks up all the L-Glutamine it can find leaving your immune system without enough to do it's job. After 22 years dealing with athletes at all levels I have uncovered this problem hundreds of times. Luckily the remedy is easy and cheap, add L-Glutamine to your supplement regime.


Lastly and equally important, L-Glutamine plays a major role in gut health. L-Glutamine is primary fuel used by the cells in your gut lining. If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome L-Glutamine could be the key to getting your gut health back.


In conclusion L-Glutamine is in my opinion the No.1 amino for muscle growth and repair, and general health and immune function.


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The Super Amino

August 1, 2017

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