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Are BCAA's Necessary?

22 Jun 2017

 Branched Chain Amino Acids more commonly known as Bcaa's are considered an essential amino acid which means the body cannot synthesize them itself and therefore must come from our diet. Bcaa's make up approximately 30% of skeletal muscle so they are very important for those looking to repair muscle tissue after strenuous exercise and those looking to build lean muscle.

Although bcaa's are an essential amino acid and must be sourced from outside the body there's no need to panic. Bcaa's are quite prolific in nature and most forms of protein such as all meats, eggs, whey and other dairy proteins contain a high percentage of bcaa's.


So why do I need a bcaa supplement you ask? Well the short answer is: It makes life much easier! Adding a bcaa supplement to your regime will boost your bcaa intake substantially making it much easier to recover and grow from your grueling workouts. Also, bcaa supplements are in 'free form' meaning that they they have already been broken down into their singular amino acid form. This means extremely fast absorption into the bloodstream as there no digestion necessary! 


How much do I need? Bcaa intake requirements vary depending on the intensity, volume duration and frequency of your training plus other factors including your diet and body size and type. We recommend anywhere from 10g to 30g per day of extra free form bcaa's per day. 


In conclusion, yes, bcaa's are very important for any athlete or trainer looking to improve their results. Oh and one more thing, if you want to take a look at bcaa's big brother check out L-Gutamine the true heavy hitter in the amino game. 


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