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Why So Secret?

18 May 2017


Ever seen the term 'Proprietary Blend' on the nutritional panel of a supplement? It was a term originally coined by companies supposedly to protect their intellectual property so that other companies couldn't copy their formulas. In the USA companies are still aloud to use this term to hide the amount of each ingredient in the product.

Unfortunately as could be expected, many unscrupulous companies are now using the 'proprietary blend' term (or made up proprietary headings like 'Amino Xagen' etc)  to hide their low (in many cases laughable) levels of active ingredients. Because of this most western countries have banned this practice and all ingredients and levels must be clearly stated on the label.

Urban Muscle are very proud of our formulas and always have and always will clearly state the individual levels of each active ingredient in our supplements. We believe that consumers have the right to know what they are paying out good money for.


Urban Muscle are all about the formulas! Hundreds of hours go into the research, development and formulation of each product to assess the required levels necessary to elicit the best result for the end user.


We challenge any brand to beat our formulas.


Example of Proprietary Blend label:






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