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Urban Muscle Proudly Supporting the CrossFit Community

14 Sep 2015

CrossFit Desires "Duel @ Desire" 2015 was held this weekend at the ACU Campus in Banyo. What an event! CrossFit athletes from all over South East Queensland competetd over two days of grueling wods. Saturday was 9 wods for the singles and Sunday was 7 wods for the teams of six competitors.


Urban Muscle Premium Supplements were very proud to be able to support this event by offering all competitors our post wod recovery drink NOTG (Nectar of the Gods) on tap throughout the two day event. We encouraged all competitors to consume NOTG after each wod to replenish their glycogen stores and prevent muscle tissue breakdown. The interest and feedback from the CrossFit athletes was phenomenal with over 90 litres of delicious nectar flowing into to the muscles of competitors over the weekend.
All competitors that spoke to us after the event told us that NOTG made a big difference with their recovery/energy between wods and their ability to continue performing at their peak throughout the entirety of the competition.


We are extremely impressed with the professionalism of the organisers, volunteers and athletes during the competition and look forward to bringing our premium supplements to the next competition!


Congratulations to all CrossFit competitors on your efforts this weekend and we'll see you very soon.

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