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"Currently I am using UM’s Platinum Blend, Resurrect, Incel and Beta Alanine in conjunction with focused nutrition and heavy, high volume training regime to make the improvements I need to make before returning to the stage in 2016"





WEIGHT: currently 100kg

                 competing 87kg 

HEIGHT: 172cm 

SPORT: Bodybuilding



Over the last 10 years I have developed a love for weight lifting. I am a bodybuilding and powerlifting, bodybuilding competitor and general gym enthusiast. Every day I look forward training. I believe effective programming and balanced nutrition can lead to a healthy lifestyle and a fantastic physique. Building a great physique takes time and requires a lot of invested effort. In Urban Muscle, I am supported by a supplement company that is equally committed to providing quality products, and incredibly supportive. I used Urban Muscle for years before I was offered their support, as I truly believe they the best, most effective supplements on the market. 



  • Competed in INBA Brisbane Classic 2013

  • ANB Asia Pacific Championships 2013

  • Represented QLD under 19s in rugby union 2007

  • Urban Muscle athlete since 2012



  • INBA Brisbane Classic 

  • ANB Asia Pacific 


My current focus is to experiment with training body parts multiple times per week and use powerlifting concepts to try and add muscle overall and improve my legs before next getting on stage. This is especially important being a taller competitor. I also want to gradually keep increasing my calories in an effort to increase my metabolic capacity to make dieting less taxing when I next decide to compete



My long term goal is to continue to combine an intense training routine and nutrition program with my work and social life, despite the surprises life can throw at you. I hope that weight training always forms the basis of my fitness regime.



My supplement regime is simple but consistent. I limit my supplements to those that are proven to work and that I have had ongoing success with. Protein is key, I get mine from UM Platinum Blend, In-Cel 2.0 and Beta Alanine provide the boost I need for training and Resurrect helps me maximise the benefits of my training sessions. 

  • Platinum blend 

  • Resurrect 

  • In-Cel 

  • Beta Alanine 


Resurrect is the one supplement I couldn't live without. Amazing results. Supports recovery, helps keep you lean when paired with good nutrition, boosts energy, promotes muscle growth and is a fantastic tool to help maintain muscle while dieting. 

"Having tried other brands, I truly believe that without UM supplements I would not have progressed my physique to where it is today.

If you love your training and want to maximise your results you need UM

To anyone, serious athlete or not, as long as they aren't expecting extreme, unrealistic results, and they're willing to understand the science and use supplements to support good nutrition and a long term training plan. Because that's what sets UM apart, it's not a fad, it's not promising unrealistic results, it's just a seriously good quality product that does what it's intended to do. It's for the trainer that's in it for the love of their sport, and in it for the long term. ” 

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Hey guys. Been on the road a lot with work recently. Lack of routine is a bodybuilder's worst nightmare. Still I'm doing my best to get in 5 sessions per week and trying to complete the core compound movements twice a week. Periodization is king for me at the moment. Increasing periods of over-reaching interjected by short periods of slightly decreased intensity. I find a good thing about training body parts twice per week, is that a 'de-load' can still be relatively taxing....

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