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Urban Muscle

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Est. 2006     

After more than a decade of Research and Development, Urban Muscle released its ground breaking range of bodybuilding and sport supplements onto the world market. Our range is now at the pinnacle of the supplement industry and we will continue to release unrivalled supplements in a relentless bid to remain the world's most effective supplement brand. 


All of our products are synergistically designed to be taken in conjunction with each other, using research tested doses of clinically proven ingredients with all the necessary government approvals, as well as being completely legal to use in all sporting applications (ASADA & WADA safe). Push your body further than you could possibly imagine with Urban Muscle as your training partner.


Urban Muscle Premium Bodybuilding and Sport Supplements are designed and manufactured under a strict quality controlled environment with only the purest ingredients. The end result is an industry leading range superior in every way.


We at Urban Muscle know that once you try one of our class leading supplements you will be amazed with your results. So choose from our premium range of bodybuilding and sport supplements and get started on your way to serious results in the gym, the box, on the track or in your chosen sport today.