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Urban Muscle Rampage supplement for testosterone booster

Testosterone Booster

Urban Muscle In-Cel 2.0 supplement pre-workout


Urban Muscle Resurrect supplement bcaa recovery

Post Workout / Intra

Urban Muscle Platinum Blend supplement whey protein

Protein Powder

Urban Muscle LT4 supplement liver detox
Urban Muscle Heat supplement thermogenic

Fat Burners

Urban Muscle - the world's Premium Supplements

Established in 2006 Urban Muscle set out to change the supplement industry by offering a ground breaking range of premium supplements dedicated to the science of elite sports nutrition. The supplements you will find on our website are the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development over the past 20 years. Urban Muscle is now the brand of choice for expert trainers, coaches and fitness professionals across a huge spectrum. Urban Muscle now lead the way in the premium supplement industry supplying many of Australia's top athletes with powerful, safe and effective supplements to enhance physical performance, recovery, lean muscle growth, endurance and fat loss.

Whether you're into General Training, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Sports, Athletics or any other physical activity try our premium supplements today to see and feel the difference Urban Muscle premium supplements can make.


 Scientificly Designed and Formulated for Elite Athletes.


All UM supplements are safe for use by tested athletes.